When We Heal the Earth, We Heal Ourselves

Heal The Earth When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. We have all been through trauma of some sort, whether in our childhood, in adolescence, or collectively as we wake up to the harsh reality of the human struggle. The world is not what we hoped it was. We can’t go backwards. We have a choice- either let the trauma stay in the back of our head, in our subconscious, controlling every interaction and preventing us from ever reaching our full loving potential… OR, we can name it, speak it, share it with trusted others, let it motivate us, and begin to heal ourselves. Each individual is accountable to the other billions of humans on this Earth, we all determine the future with our thoughts and actions. We need to grow up, and learn to support each other. May our choices be guided by humility, compassion, a willingness to be vulnerable, and a close connection with the Earth. I am praying for myself and others to have the clarity and courage to take the necessary steps toward healing. Healing is growth. •💔 Personally, I have been going through a very hard time in my life. Heartbreak is the worst- it feels like you’ve been hit by a train, it’s hard to stay motivated, you don’t know where your life is going anymore, and you feel so drained at the end of the day, yet still can’t sleep. It is visceral and if preventative measures aren’t taken, it’s easy to slip into depression. I try to keep in mind my own value, integrity, and the effect I have on the world. I am keeping my head up, because I know that I’m accountable to every one of you. I will heal. I appreciate everyone who supports this page and what I am doing, it has been a hell of a journey so far. A year ago I had no idea how to take care of a plant, let alone a homestead. There is still so much to learn… I will be very busy over the coming months, so stay posted. Quote by David Orr. Photo taken at @urbanabundancefl farm in Jupiter, FL Originally posted on Instagram, November 19th 2018 – @Greenhouse_Homestead
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