The Human Element (of gardening)

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The birth of a guanabana tree.

Life. It’s happenin’. 🌱 Let this tiny sprouting guanabana seed be a reminder that your plants, your trees, your garden, all WANT to grow. They are designed to grow even under adverse conditions. But, the chances of this seed becoming a fruiting tree all by itself are incredibly low- that’s where human input comes in. We are given the intelligence and ability to maintain the garden that exists around us, to guide and shape our fruit trees into abundant production. But we have to get out there and do it. Every farmer knows that his trees won’t make a reliable crop unless he takes care of them. Now that doesn’t mean back breaking labor, it just means a bit of assistance here and there. I am often asked question after question about how to care for plants, and I am happy to answer them! But some people get discouraged, feeling that it is too complicated…. It’s really not. I may ramble about pruning techniques or nutrient requirements, but that’s part of my job. Your job is only to be willing to learn. Your relationship with your garden is what matters. Think about this: if you have a child, they are going to grow up no matter what. The time will pass. But without your guidance as a parent, they may not grow into the best person they could be. The same applies to fruit trees- most of the time they’ll grow even if you pay no attention. But the fruit might not be as good as it could be with your help. I know that sounds a bit corny, but it’s the truth. All this to say: get out in your garden! It’s fall now, the best time of year to be outside in south Florida. The season is upon us. Enjoy it! 🙂

  Originally posted on instagram @greenhouse_homestead In unrelated news, here is a new youtube video I posted – live streaming a backyard banana harvest.  Be sure to subscribe to the channel for future content!
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Fruit Trees, Gardening, Homegrown, Uncategorized
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