Our Services

Garden Consultations

We would love to assist you in the creative process, whether it’s creating a small edible or butterfly garden to an entire food forest landscape – we can answer all your questions and provide recommendations & resources.

Lawn Removal

Tired of maintaining a grass lawn? Our crew can remove your grass and replace it with low-maintenance native ground cover plants.

Custom Garden Bed Design & Installation

We create custom raised garden beds and install them for you. Our most common styles include: Ground level bed, raised bed, tabletop and wide tabletop bed. Built from charred cedar, which is rot and termite resistant for decades.  They come installed with a custom compost blend, organic fertilizer, seasonally appropriate veggies, and automatic drip irrigation.

Food Forest Landscaping

Let’s take the next step in lawn removal – creating a flourishing food forest complete with fruiting trees & shrubs, edible greens, flowers, native plants and winding paths.

Grow food not lawns!

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