The Human Element (of gardening)

Life. It’s happenin’. 🌱 Let this tiny sprouting guanabana seed be a reminder that your plants, your trees, your garden, all WANT to grow. They are designed to grow even under adverse conditions. But, the chances of this seed becoming a fruiting tree all by itself are incredibly low- that’s where human input comes in.Continue reading “The Human Element (of gardening)”

Anyone Can Do This

This was originally an instagram post, but I received so many compliments on it that I decided it should be posted here, as well.  This was a very inspiring bowl of soup. This soup was almost entirely homegrown, and it is delicious. Those ingredients are: -Seminole pumpkin -Sweet potatoes -Onions -Jalapeño & Habanero -Okra -TreeContinue reading “Anyone Can Do This”

How To Propagate Raspberries (The Easy Way)

If you’ve ever had raspberry canes growing in your yard, you know that they spread quickly and can easily cover a large area if not managed.  They send branches toward the ground, burrow into the soil, and quickly shoot up new canes once rooted.  In the video I show you how to take advantage ofContinue reading “How To Propagate Raspberries (The Easy Way)”

The Most Important Gift – Self Expression

View this post on Instagram Merry Christmas to all of you! 🍌🐝💜 Gift giving • this banana's gift to the bee is nothing more than it's own self-expression. The sweet nectar of the flowers it produces is irresistible to the bee, but also fundamental to its own existence and growth. The bee's gift to theContinue reading “The Most Important Gift – Self Expression”

6 Methods for Organic Pest Control in Your Backyard

Anyone that has tried growing a vegetable garden, food forest, or even just some herbs in their backyard has found that (especially here in South Florida) there are a number of pests to be dealt with.  Some are sap-suckers that will posse up on the underside of leaves and drain the life from plants, someContinue reading “6 Methods for Organic Pest Control in Your Backyard”