The Human Element (of gardening)

Life. It’s happenin’. 🌱 Let this tiny sprouting guanabana seed be a reminder that your plants, your trees, your garden, all WANT to grow. They are designed to grow even under adverse conditions. But, the chances of this seed becoming a fruiting tree all by itself are incredibly low- that’s where human input comes in.Continue reading “The Human Element (of gardening)”

Anyone Can Do This

This was originally an instagram post, but I received so many compliments on it that I decided it should be posted here, as well.  This was a very inspiring bowl of soup. This soup was almost entirely homegrown, and it is delicious. Those ingredients are: -Seminole pumpkin -Sweet potatoes -Onions -Jalapeño & Habanero -Okra -TreeContinue reading “Anyone Can Do This”