3 New Fruit Trees in the Ground

Fruit Trees, Gardening
Got to work yesterday planting some new trees in the food forest – A jackfruit, a loquat, and a wax jambu.  How many of those three have you heard of?
“Butter Crunch” Jackfruit.
Though it is a pretty small property, there always seems to be enough space to fit a few more trees here and there.   This loquat got planted in a nice cozy spot between a firebush and Mexican sunflower.
“Christmas” Loquat.
This one is a grafted variety, “Christmas”, named so because it blooms early.  Loquats are great, very tasty fruit.  Totally worth growing one in your yard, and the foliage is pretty.   Last but not least is the wax jambu – AKA wax apple.
Wax Jambu.
Right in the back near the compost pile and the dilapidated fence.  Very productive tree from the tropics, it makes crispy bell shaped “apples” which have a nice, lightly floral taste.  Planted it just outside of the mango canopy, in a spot where a large pile of branches was laying previously.  This one is currently blooming:
Check out those blooms!
I can’t wait to try the fruit. A good Sunday’s work.  Planting fruit trees is extremely satisfying.  Here’s to future production!
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Fruit Trees, Gardening
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