Passionfruits Are Coming In Heavy

This past week my passionfruit vine has been exploding with blooms.


It’s been just over a year since this Passiflora edulis was planted, and the rainy season just started over the past few weeks.  In a year, it has spread and taken over at least 50 feet of fence.  That’s with multiple prunings too.


When the vine was first getting established, I fed it compost tea pretty regularly for about 6 months.  Also, lots of water and mulch around the base of the trunk.

At one point it started climbing the neighbor’s tree, and it frequently grabs onto the potted trees I have sitting next to the fence.


If all goes well, we should be expecting tons of passionfruit over the summer.  Some of the earlier blooms already set fruit:

Notice the gulf fritillary caterpillar in the background.

This is the “Purple Possum” variety, which is self-pollinating.  I’d recommend it for anyone in south Florida, as long as you have a good amount of fence line or a tree that it can take over.  They are very vigorous!

Reaching for those last rays of sunlight!

Anyone else growing passionfruit? Tips, tricks, experiences?  Let us know by commenting, and sharing this post!

3 thoughts on “Passionfruits Are Coming In Heavy

  1. That looks awesome!! I’m in North Carolina, otherwise I’d want one! I’m trying my hand at growing blueberries, strawberries & tomatoes this summer. #nogreenthumb

    1. Go ahead and try the passion fruit. I’m in south Carolina right next to the NC border (Spartanburg) and they grow wild here.

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