How To Propagate Raspberries (The Easy Way)

If you’ve ever had raspberry canes growing in your yard, you know that they spread quickly and can easily cover a large area if not managed.  They send branches toward the ground, burrow into the soil, and quickly shoot up new canes once rooted.  In the video I show you how to take advantage of this and propagate more raspberry plants with ease.

Mysore raspberries, (the type I grow) are basically the only variety which will produce well here in South Florida.  But, all varieties of raspberry will layer themselves as shown in the video, so this can be applied to any type.  They can be a real pain when they try to take over the yard, especially the thorny varieties, but the bright side is that you can obtain a yield- new raspberry plants! The problem is the solution, as we say in the permaculture world.

Have any experience propagating raspberries using this method, or others?  Let me know in the comments!

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